New Photos: Masters Inter-Area Match, Solihull Sunday 21 July 2013

I’ve posted more than 500 photos (well, 501 to be exact) of the Masters Inter-Area match sponsored each year by England Athletics here on my web site.

As I say on the site itself, this event used to be one of the top meetings in the UK Masters Athletics calendar. It seems to have slipped quite a long way from being so now, in my view. Teams were small, with more athletes than usual competing out of their own event, and many doubling and trebling up. There were some good performances, including two or three British Masters age group records, but the overall standard was not very high really. If the event is to remain viable and be a showcase for Masters Athletics to the likes of the sponsors, England Athletics, things need to change and Area clubs need to start taking full teams of their best athletes.


2 Responses to “New Photos: Masters Inter-Area Match, Solihull Sunday 21 July 2013”

  1. Andy Gannaway Says:

    Interesting thoughts Tom, I never knew this meeting in it’s heyday obviously. I thought it was a really decent day of athletics, not stellar I grant you, but with some pretty good performances in the mix. Perhaps I’m a bit biased as the 50s group seemed to be pretty strong (was in my race!), perhaps indicated by the fact all the 50s teams beat all the 35s teams in the relay!

    • tomsprints Says:

      Andy, I take your point about the strength of the 50s, but look at the photos and you’ll see many of the same faces (particularly in women’s events) doing 1500, 400, 800 and sometimes the 3k or relay as well. The younger age groups were very thinly represented overall in some events and just as it was with the Inter Area indoors this year, some of the Area clubs could not muster anything like a full team. At the end of the day, they rely on their members to want to race and to be prepared to travel to quality events. The dwindling number of over 70s willing or able to travel for an event that is not the national championships was also very evident at Solihull.

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