Photos from British Masters Athletics Events 27/28 July 2013

I’ve recently posted on the web site here my galleries of photos from:

Day 1 of the British Masters Decathlon and Heptathlon Championships

Day 2 of the British Masters Decathlon and Heptathlon Championships

The Men’s races for the British Masters 10,000m Championships

(The women’s 10,000m races were a few weeks ago and can be found here)

These amount to more than 1,100 sorted and edited photos out of almost 2,000 I shot during a tough weekend. My aim was, as ever, to try to catch a good photo of every decathlete and heptathlete in each of the ten decathlon events or seven heptathon events. I think I came close, but to do it requires me, for example, to get a good shot of every competitor in, say, a 100m race where there may be a field of 8 runners, and for me to get every field event shot looking “just so”, to be worth including on the web site. There are a few gaps, but I’m not apologizing!

It was suggested to me, in all seriousness, by a couple of the competitors over the weekend that I ought to wear a pedometer or something while covering the event, just to see how far I actually run and walk myself to get these photos. My feet, and my overall fatigue the following day suggest it was quite some distance, before you throw in the endless squatting down, standing up, kneeling etc needed to get the right camera angles. Oxford is also a 220 mile round trip for me from home, so add the journey in, too!

Nevertheless, there’s always bound to be someone who says “You didn’t get a good one of me in…..”

I think this was my last track commitment behind the camera for this summer. I’m off to the Dolomites in a month from now, and have a few races between now and then, but no photographic commitments. Good. I can rest!

As ever, enjoy the photos.


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