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Tall In The Saddle

July 20, 2017

Last time I wrote here, things were looking up, after a bit of a spell in the doldrums. Well, happy to say, that’s continued to be so over the last five week training block, which I can now look back at, courtesy of a pre-planned week of “active rest”.

I mentioned last time the improvements that a refit at my local gym had made to my training, and I name-checked the Wattbike I’ve been using as one of those positives. Well, lately it has been something of a mainstay, as I’ll explain shortly.

This summer is strange for me. If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, you’ll recall that, courtesy of a bad left shoulder injury, I’ve not been racing. I’m fine with that, though I thought it might test my patience. Actually: not at all. I’ve been working harder than ever. You see, normally, the period from about mid-May to late August for me, as with most older sprinters, is spent doing “just enough” in training so that I arrive feeling fresh for competitions. That’s coupled with specific work to sharpen up for races, and time set aside to recover from them. It’s all pretty up and down.

This year, I’ve had the luxury of being able to train hard right through mid-summer. OK, I may just be making up for the five months spent re-habbing my shoulder since new year, but I arrived at the end of May feeling fresh, and confident that the shoulder was getting better by the week. I wanted to take the opportunity of doing something special for what amounts to “pre-winter” training. To be frank, I also needed to scratch the competitive itch that was building from not racing.

Initially, I was using the Wattbike to help me do structured, low-impact warm-up sessions. However, I strayed on to one of its pre-set “tests” that asked me to put down maximum pedal revs (cadence) at high load, to achieve good peak wattage (power) for a mercifully short peak period. High cadence I can do. High cadence at high load was hard, but when I found I was hitting 400 watts, I was quite impressed with myself, admittedly with nothing to compare against, though. The notion began to form that building my peak wattage would do me no harm, provided that I could discover ways to translate what I was getting on the Wattbike into what my legs could turn out, running fast – and particularly, running fast out of the starting blocks.

A couple of tentative weeks in, when I tested the optimal cadence/load combination I could best sustain for a good wattage peak, my “personal best” rose quite quickly. I think I wasn’t necessarily getting fitter, just getting better at the test. I hit 541w, then 649w, and not long after, 670w. Out of the blue, I pencilled in a target of 900w by October. No idea if I can do it, or what it will involve by way of preparation, but that’s the plan. Then came 716w, and finally 756w. I’m beginning to believe this is on! I’m not a pretty sight after one of those maximum wattage sessions. As the expression goes, you have to “leave it all on the bike”. A couple of days ago, I even did a bit of archaeology in my loft, to dig out my old cycling shoes, and bought new pedal cleats for them. I’m going to take this wattage thing seriously!

It’s become competitive. Only against my oldest rival, of course – me, but it really is giving me a regular substitute for some of the racing I’m missing. The feeling the day after setting a new wattage personal best is remarkably similar to the day after a race, mentally and physically.

The Wattbike sessions I’m doing are pushing my aerobic fitness hard as well as helping me right up at the anaerobic end of things, although they’re doing nothing for my running at Parkrun every saturday. I’ve been too tired by the time I’ve got there lately that I’ve not acquitted myself at all well! All this wattage and power stuff in the gym stuff is only as good as the result of turning it into running power, of course. Last blog, I mentioned the “sledging” tyre thing I also now have at my disposal in the gym. That’s becoming my benchmarking tool, because using it is quite like exploding the first 20 yards or so out of the blocks. I’m getting faster and able to sustain a session of an increasing number of repetitions. And it feels good!

I also mentioned the trampoline/ball device I have available, in the last blog. That has become a major piece of work in every training session, to give my shoulder some prolonged and dynamic exercise. My hand-eye coordination and balance while using the kit has improved to the point where I can do throws one-handed and catch one handed too. The balls used are about basketball-sized, so quite a bit of effort and control is required. I have a bit of a chronic “tennis elbow” thing after all the shoulder rehab stuff my left arm’s been doing, but at least this doesn’t make it worse. Because these sessions are split into left arm, right arm, and both arms together segments, crucially they also give me a like with like comparison between the strength and mobility in my left and right shoulders. And as the weeks go by, the news is good!